The fun of collecting 45s is the odd non-album track and the covers. There's some of both here. There are a few tracks on 45s that vary slightly from the album versions (for instance, Albion, without consulting the band, on the 4-song single edited out from "Amplifier" the lines "He took his drugs / They took his life"!), and we've attempted to make note of every difference. They're all very minor. Other than edits, there are no dB's tracks that have never appeared on CD anywhere.

"(I Thought) You Wanted to Know" on the first Chris Stamey and The dB's 45 does not feature the band at all; it was recorded by Chris and Richard Lloyd (who wrote it) before Chris started the band. "If and When" on the other side is the first track to feature the band.

"Christmas Time" is a special case, too. Its intent is obvious, but it was Chris's idea to be backed by The dB's (who he'd long left by the point it was recorded). The 45 version is somewhat different from the LP/CD version. Peter was out of town when we did the track; his parts were added later. Anyway, it features the 'classic' dB's line-up of Chris/Gene/Peter/Will, but never appeared on a dB's record per se, only on Chris Stamey Group releases.

The 'six-pack' was an inventory-clearance marketing strategy, featuring all the Albion 45s and a bonus flexidisc. Some of these do not have all the picture sleeves.

The rarest dB's track of all is probably the edited version of "A Spy in the House of Love" which appears only on the 12" promo single on Bearsville. It's just a shortened version, however, not a different mix.

Another rare and unique item is the CD promo single of "Working for Somebody Else" which came with a cover drawn by Peter.

If anyone has any records completely omitted, or a sleeve we don't have, please let us know!

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